Kinetic Texts, First Discussion (Week 2)

Primary Works:

You are welcome to do the readings in whatever order you wish, though I’d urge you to begin with the bpNichol and Geof Huth sites. These are two early experiments with digital poetics on personal computers.  The other primary works are more recent.

1. bpNichol, First Screening


Instructions: Read the introduction; then run a version that works on your computer; now read Geof Huth’s remarks on the collection “First Meaning: The Digital Incunabula of bpNichol.” (Also recommended: Jim Andrews’s remarks)

2. Geof Huth, Endemic Battle Collage


Instructions: Read the above named collection; then examine his very short pieces “A Black Rock” and “Cleave”; finally, read his remarks “Digital Poetry Incunabula.”

[If interested, see also: Huth’s Blog at [check out the entry on October 20, 2013 where he discusses the inclusion of his work in the ELC, Vol. 2]

3. K Michel and Dirk Vis, “Ah”


No special instructions in this case. If you want to hear someone else’s take on this piece, try these short discussions: ; ;

[If interested, see also Vis’s website for other related works; URL:]

4. Peter Cho, Wordscapes and Letterscapes


No special instructions. A worthwhile post by Scott Rettburg on this and related works can be found here, URL:

5. Maria Mencia, Birds Singing Other Birds’ Song

No special instructions. If interested, see also the author’s site discussing the work, URL:

6. Dan Weber, Strings

No special instructions.

**Just for fun: See the links under “Kinetic Texts” in this post on Children’s E-Lit:]


1. Katherine Hayles, “Electronic Literature: What is it?”


Instructions: Please read the first three sections of the piece.

2. Christopher Funkhouser, “Digital Poetry”


Instructions: Read the introductory section and the subsection titled “Graphical Poems.



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