Kinetic Texts, Second Discussion (Week 3)

Primary Works:

You are welcome to do the readings in whatever order you wish.

1. Oni Buchanan, Mandrake Vehicles


Special Instructions: Be sure to read the “Note on the Mandrake Form” (upper right corner of the screen, beneath the “About Oni” option) before you look at the pieces. There is also related content on the artist’s site here:

2. John Cayley, windsound


Special Instructions: The artist’s site has a few remarks on the piece here:

His essay “Inner Workings” is also worth reviewing if you have time (no pressure):

3. Alison Clifford, That Sweet Old Etcetera


Special Instructions: If you haven’t previously read the poetry of e. e. cummings, visit this site:

There are some notes on this piece on Clifford’s site (lots of other goodies there, too: and in her artist statement at Atticus Review (

4. Rui Torres, Poemas no meio do caminho


Special Instructions: The ELMCIP entry provides a brief explanation of what this piece does and links to articles that discuss it:

5. David Jhave Johnston, “Sooth


No special instructions.

And don’t forget that you have an exercise this week!

Put text in motion


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