Hypertext, Second Discussion (Week 5)


Primary Texts:

1. J. R. Carpenter, The Cape

URL: http://luckysoap.com/thecape/

Special Instructions:

A. Read the author’s reflection the project FIRST. You can find it here:

http://luckysoap.com/talks/thecapethebackstory.html [Trust me, this will help you to grasp what the work is trying to do!]

B. NOTA BENE these words from “the credits” section of The Cape: “Cape Cod is a real place, but the events and characters of THE CAPE are fictional. The photographs have been retouched. The diagrams are not to scale.
To navigate THE CAPE, click on the images at the bottom of the screen. I generally read from left to right, but you can read in any order you like.”

C. Carpenter’s website (http://luckysoap.com/) offers lots of great content related to our course topic, including links to her other works of (as she terms it) “digital literature.” Take a look, for example, at Etheric Ocean: http://luckysoap.com/ethericocean/.

2. Judd Morrissey, The Jew’s Daughter

URL: http://www.thejewsdaughter.com/

Special Instructions: I recommend reading the entries on I ♥ E-Poetry (found at http://iloveepoetry.com/?p=7135  and http://iloveepoetry.com/?p=7118) before you begin. They will help to orient you. By the way, you are welcome to disagree with the critics’ claims!

Morrissey’s website, judisdaid (http://www.judisdaid.com/press.php) is also worth visiting. Take a look at his artist’s statement, in particular: http://www.judisdaid.com/as.php

3. Lucy Cunningham and Justin Talbott, Cannibal Dreams

URL: http://www.springgunpress.com/cannibaldreams/anatomy_study_one/

Special Instructions: Read this  I ♥ E-Poetry entry before you dive into the work: http://iloveepoetry.com/?p=2511

4. Deena Larsen and Jody Zellen, Going through the signs

URL: http://machinepoetics.com/files/page_space/experiment/zellen-larsen/going_through_the_signs/index.html

Special Instructions: This is a collaborative piece. Zellen built the structure (the pop-up windows that open and close and the sequence of links), and Larsen contributed text and images “on top” of what Zellen had built.

If you want to read more about the larger context in which this piece was created, see the Machine Poetics page: http://machinepoetics.com/page_space/experiment/zellen-larsen/

Larsen’s site (which has some helpful content) is here: http://www.deenalarsen.net/works/

Zellen’s site is here: http://www.jodyzellen.com/ Her app Episodic has received so good press.

5. Strickland and M. D. Coverley, Errand Upon Which We Came

URL: http://califia.us/Errand/home.htm

Special Instructions: Please watch this video (try it in Chrome) in which Strickland walks you through the piece: http://vimeo.com/86983898


Play with hypertext (context open)


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