Augmented Reality Books (Week 10)

1. Read this brief article from The Economist first:

2. Now read this:

Between Page and Screen explores the place of books as objects in an era of increasingly screen-based reading. The pages of this artist’s book contain no text—only abstract geometric patterns and a web address leading to this site, where the book may be read using any browser and a webcam. The poems that appear, a series of letters written by two lovers struggling to map the boundaries of their relationship, do not exist on either page or screen, but in the augmented space between them opened up by the reader.

< from the authors’ cite: >

–Watch this:

–Try this (follow the directions starting with “print a preview”):

–Now consider these reviews:

3. Next, watch this:

Martin Kovacovsky and Marius Hugli, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

4.The next work is going to take a bit longer to appreciate. Start here for an explanation of what it sought to do:

–Now visit this page of the UC Santa Barbara website dedicated to Agrippa:

Scroll down and watch the video (you may skip ahead: just be sure to watch the END)

–Take some time to familiarize yourself with other pages at the site:

5. Finally, take a look at this project:

Main page:

Section on the “concept of the book”:


You can also read about the project here:


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