Poetry Generators (Week 6)

Our theme this week will be poetry generators, and you’ll spend much of your time with the adaptation of Montfort’s Taroko Gorge. I’d like you to take a look at two helpful (and short) discussions of the piece, the first by Montfort, found here, and the other found at this entry on I ♥ E-Poetry. Please take your time with the various remixes. Let them run for a while. Once you have worked your way through the sequence, go back to the beginning and run through them once more.

On Carpenter’s Briny Beach (a part of the sequence but also something of a stand-alone work), see here.

Before you begin Sea and Spar Between, I’d urge you to read Montfort’s remarks on his blog found here.
Finally, please note that the Funkhouser piece can be read or listened to. If you’d prefer to read it, visit this page. For the audio, go here.

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