Schedule for Reading and Exercises

The following list represents a blueprint of the major readings and exercises. I have omitted reference here to very short critical reflections (such as those found on the extremely useful blog I ♥ E-Poetry or the Electronic Literature Directory) that will help orient our discussions/readings of specific works. As the semester progresses, the instructor will check in with the class to make sure that the reading load remains tenable. Students are strongly encouraged to suggest additions and/or substitutions. At certain points in the semester, the readings will be adjusted to accommodate class members’ digital backgrounds.

Week 1 (Aug 27)                     GETTING DISORIENTED: WHAT IS E-LIT?

Week 2 (Sept 3)                      KINETIC TEXTS, WEEK 1

Primary Texts:

  1. bpNichol, First Screening
  2. Geof Huth, Endemic Battle Collage
  3. Michel and Dirk Vis, Ah (a shower song)
  4. Peter Cho, Wordscapes and Letterscapes
  5. Maria Mencia, Birds Singing Other Birds’ Song
  6. Dan Weber, Strings

Just for fun: See the links under “Kinetic Texts” here:


  1. Katherine Hayles, “Electronic Literature: What is it?”
  2. Christopher Funkhouser, “Digital Poetry”


Week 3 (Sept 10)                    KINETIC TEXTS, WEEK 2

Primary Texts:

  1. Oni Buchanan, Mandrake Vehicles
  2. John Cayley, windsound
  3. Alison Clifford, That Sweet Old Etcetera
  4. Rui Torres, Poemas no meio do caminho
  5. David Jhave Johnston, “Sooth

Exercise: Put text in motion (Use Scratch… or Powerpoint… or other software)

Week 4 (Sept 17)                    HYPERTEXT, WEEK 1

  1. Michael Joyce, afternoon, a story
  2. Jane Douglas, I Have Said Nothing
  3. Judy Malloy, The Roar of Destiny
  4. Deena Larsen, Marble Springs [Just preview]
  5. Richard Holeton, Frequently Asked Questions about Hypertext


  1. Samples from the Pathfinders Project
  2. Dirk Van Hulle, “Hypertext and Avant-texte
  3. Steven Johnson, “Why No One Clicked on the Great Hypertext Story”
  4. Paul Lafarge, “Why the Book’s Future Never Happened”

Week 5 (Sept 24)                    HYPERTEXT, WEEK 2

  1. R. Carpenter, The Cape
  2. Judd Morrissey, The Jew’s Daughter
  3. Lucy Cunningham and Justin Talbott, Cannibal Dreams
  4. Deena Larsen and Jody Zellen, Going through the signs
  5. Strickland and M. D. Coverley, Errand Upon Which We Came

Exercise: Play with hypertext (context open)

Week 6 (Oct 1)                        POETRY GENERATORS

  1. The Taroko Gorge compilation [Read all]
  2. Nick Montfort and Stephanie Strickland, Sea and Spar Between
  3. R. Carpenter, Along the Briny Beach
  4. On Raymond Queneau’s 100,000,000,000,000 Poems:


  1. Noah Waldrup-Fruin, “Digital Media Archaeology” [Dropbox]
  2. Chris Funkhouser, “IBM Poems”
  3. Blog Post:

Week 7 (Oct 8)                        INTERACTIVE FICTION

Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern, Facade

[Further texts assigned after conferral with class members]

Week 8 (Oct 15)                      GAMES

  1. Sandy Baldwin, New Word Order
  2. Jason Nelson, Game, Game, Game and Again Game
  3. Jason Nelson, This is How You Will Die
  4. Jason Rohrer, Passage
  5. Jim Andrews, Asteroids
  6. [Further games assigned after conferral with class members]


Astrid Ensslin, Literary Gaming [Selection, see Dropbox]

Week 9 (Oct 22)                      CURATION


  1. Dene Grigar, “Why Curating”
  2. And the curatorial statement here:
  3. Vince Dziekan, Virtuality and the Art of the Exhibition [Selections, Dropbox]

Exercise: Begin planning for the curated exhibition.

Week 10 (Oct 29)                    AUGMENTED BOOKS

  1. Amaranth Borsuk and Paul Hoover, Between Page and Screen
  2. Martin Kovacovsky and Marius Hugli, Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde
  3. Ashbaugh, Gibson, and Bergos, Jr., Agrippa
  4. Exemplary Apps (ex. Zappar)


  1. Florian Cramer, “Post-Digital Writing”

Week 11 (Nov 5)                     NETWORKED NOVEL

  1. Ying, Horowitz, & Quinn, The Silent History
  2. Kate Pullinger, Flight Paths


James Bridle, “One Big Fiction”

Week 12 (Nov 12)                   GEO/LOCATIVE TEXTS

  1. R. Carpenter, Entre Ville
  2. R. Carpenter, in absentia
  3. LA Flood Project
  4. Christoph Benda, Senghor on the Rocks
  5. 34 North 118 West
  6. Flâneur – tag the world


  1. Brian Greenspan, “The New Place of Reading”
  2. Anders Sundnes Løvlie, textopia: experiments with locative literature [Selections]

Exercise: Create a locative text

Week 13 (Nov 19)                   E-LIT EXHIBITION

Week 14 (Dec 3)                     EDITING, COLLECTING, PUBLISHING, & PRESERVING E-LIT

Discussion of the Pathfinders Project, ELMCIP, and the ELO


  1. Scott Rettberg, “An Emerging Canon?”
  2. Sandy Baldwin and Tiffany Zerby, “Editing Electronic Literature Scholarship in the Global Publishing System”

Week 15 (Dec 10)                   DEBRIEF AND DISCOVERIES

Final Projects Due



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